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İnsanlık Işıklarından Birini Kaybetti!

İnsanlık Işıklarından Birini Kaybetti!

Bir ömür boyu saçtığın ışıklar içinde kalasın!..


A Loss of A Light for the World 
Dr. Oktay SİNANOĞLU, a prominent Turkish physical chemist referred to as the Turkish Einstein has passed away at the age of 80 in the U.S. today.
Dr. SİNANOĞLU was born in Bari, Italy (2 August 1934). His father, Nüzhet Haşim SİNANOĞLU, was a consular official under the Consul General Atıf KOR in the Bari Consulate of Turkey, and a writer.
He wrote a book on Greek and Roman Mythology, and another one titled "Petrarca", published in 1931, stating in its preface: "The best way (for Turkey) is adopting the Western culture."
Following his father's recall to Turkey in July 1938, the family returned to Turkey before the start of World War II.
Sinanoğlu graduated from TED Ankara Koleji in 1953.
He studied in University of California, Berkeley and graduated with honors in 1956. The following year he completed his MSc at MIT and was awarded Sloan Fellowship. He completed his predoctoral fellowship (1958-1959) and "doctorate" (1959-1960) at the University of California, Berkeley.
He was appointed full professor of chemistry on July 1, 1963 in Yale University.
He was given the title "visiting-professor" in 1962 and "consulting-professor in 1964 by the Middle East Technical University. He founded the Theoretical Chemistry Division of the university in 1964.
From his theories..
* Many Electron Theory of Atoms and Molecules (1961)
* Solvophobic Theory (1964)
* Network Theory (1974)
* Microthermodynamics (1981)
* Valency Interaction Formula Theory (1983)

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