22 Kasım 2014 Cumartesi

Can EREL Talk: Love is in the Air!

MASS Event - Can EREL Talk "Love is in the Air!"

The event's being organized by the MASS in a cooperation with CE Technology & Business Solutions, and EV.

The talk “Love is in the Air!” will be in Turkish (Aşk, 'Hava'da') and a hybryd format, as a mixture of a conference on avition industry and an interactive conversation focused on the professional experiences of an aeronauitcal engineer, Can EREL, the author of the book(1), “Can'ca Remarkable Traces of Industrial Development in Turkey” and the winner of "Best Author of Aviation" award.
The aim of the event is to provide a platform to share the current aerospace industry with the facst and figures, and exchange the professional knowledge and experiences with the future engineers in the aerospace and the young aviators.

Ruffle prizes for the readers of Can EREL's Book; "Can'Ca Remarkable Traces of Industrial Development in Turkey" right after the talk...
... A great weekend Bed & Breakfast for a couple in Cappadocia, Turkey...
... A hot air balloon ride for two in Cappadocia, Turkey...

The fun will be for all audience; but the prizes are limited just for the readers of Can EREL's Book; "Can'Ca Remarkable Traces of Industrial Development in Turkey"

The final reharsal's done!
And the team is ready for the perfomance tomorrow...

... And the day!

...What a day it was!

P.S. (1): Book “Can'ca Remarkable Traces of Industrial Development in Turkey
... A book about some industrial pioneer individuals, groups and institutions like,
  • Şakir Zümre (the first Turkish defence entrepreneur & industrialist),
  • Tayyareci Vecihi Hürkuş (the designer and manufacturer of the first Turkish military and civilian aircraft),
  • Mühürdarzade Mehmet Nuri Demirağ (the first Turkish aerospace entrepreneur & industrialist),
  • The first Aeronautical Engineers & Technicians of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Necmüzzafer Orbay (the first Technical Director of Turkish Airlines and the legendary instructor),
  • Istanbul Technical University (the first Turkish technical - academic institution),
in the Turkish aviation development process and prepared with the sense of loyalty - semper fidelis, in Turkish...

... The author, Can EREL won the "Best Author of Aviation" award from the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association in 2014.

... Thanks for all who have been supporting to the Project since the moment it's thought. &
... Welcome all who will support it by contributing for the project of translation it into English and publishing it in global market and by reading it. Any candidate? Please send us your proposal to 

P.S. (2)Can'ca Scholarship of Success
... The book, as a scholarship of success projectfinancially supports a girl student for her success in the aeronautical engineering studies in accordance with a protocol between İstanbul Technical University Rectorate & Can EREL. The scholarship agreement came into force on 14 October 2014 and the winner was Ms. Yağmur GENÇOĞLU.

For more... please visit the web page at http://canerel.com.tr/v2/index.php/kitap .

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